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April 21, 2002

Rock Still Lives

Just got back from Nashville, what a night! We ate cheap burritos at Chez Jose (shouldn't that be Casa Jose?), then headed over to Exit/In. Thankfully the bouncer didn't hassle me, since I had left my license a hundred miles south, he just waved me through (I guess I don't look under 21 any more).

We hung out near the stage, and met the first of three fellow Alabamians, Roger, hanging out in his Mag Earwhig! shirt, followed by the diminutive yet gorgeous Lindy, then the boisterous (to put it nicely) pogo-boy from Montgomery. I had a chance to talk to GBV's new drummer Kevin March a little, he seems like a great guy and very enthusiastic to be playing for the greatest band in the world.

Bloodthirsty Lovers were a decent opener, but their drummer had this maniacal stare...

GBV hit the stage, and I wondered of they were going to play the new album, UTAC in its entirety to open, but kicked off with "Hit." A hot club got even hotter, as they mixed older songs with titles from the new release. Some surprises: "Hardcore UFO's", "Buzzards And Dreadful Crows", "Drinker's Peace" and my favorite of the night, "The Official Ironman Rally Song". The new album sounded great and Kevin March is a very good fit for the band. Doug Gillard was on fire all night, a guitar god, unphased and continuing to play when he broke a string mid-song (during "Cutout Witch").

It was a night for kisses: Jimmy P. came out and sat next to Bob during the set and Bob kissed his brother on the cheek. Later bassist Tim kissed rhythm guitarist Nate. You could feel the love.

To the wonderful pregnant woman in front next to me singing along with me to every song: that kid is going to be so cool, with a prenatal shot of GBV. You should frame the setlist and put it in the nursery.

My apologies to anyone I (theguy in the black Mac The Knife t-shirt) bumped into last night, it was my first show of the year. We wobbled back to the hotel, drunk, tired, my shirt untucked and soaking wet, knowing that rock still lives.

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