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April 14, 2002

The Marriage Thing

Jill Matrix got hitched yesterday, I knew she was getting into the nuptial spirit of bliss when she posted "I promise to be cynical and bitter again later ...". Best of luck to you, Nancy, may you two be as happy as we are (one word of advice: never leave your shoes on the kitchen table, trust me on this).

This reminded me of my wedding, in the lovely Las Vegas summertime. I forgot my suit (easily replaceable, thank goodness) and had to buy a tie in a hotel gift shop minutes before the ceremony. Also, we had decided to buy rings in Vegas (thinking we could get a great deal), a big mistake. We ended up buying toy rings from a gift shop (they look great in the wedding video, like something Elvis or Liberace would wear). The chapel was the most beautiful place in the world, according to my six year old niece, she being undoubtedly swayed by the ten-foot blue velvet heart fringed in lace behind the altar. The reverend led us through a short ceremony, only mentioning god in the vaguest of references (as not to offend anyone of differing faiths). Then we lost our backpack in the cab on the way to our reception/lunch. It was a haphazard and often hectic time, but being surrounded and supported by family, we made it through the event, and I would do it again (with the same girl, of course).

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