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July 25, 2002

CD's In The Mail

Aren't packages great? Arriving hime today, I found a large envelope in our mailbox, from Tony (of poopoochoochoo fame, read his stuff! Be prepared to laugh yourself silly!).

Inside there was a CD and a short note (including "please skip tracks 9 & 11 as they suck"). Tony's band (Bags of Mostly Monkey) had recorded some GBV covers, and he kindly sent them to me for my GBV Radio stream.

The funny thing about this: the station was offline off and on this afternoon. We had severe thunderstorms and I have a feeling our cable modem is fried, even though it is power-protected. So if you can't connect to the soothing sounds of Guided By Voices to get you through the night or workday tomorrow, at least you'll know why.

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