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July 12, 2002

Planes, Drains and Automobiles

Another long day in the largehearted household. I dropped my bride at the airport this evening, only to find out later (and 80 miles away) her flight was delayed and she couldn't make her connection, but she was being put up by the airline (my advice to her: order room service and little bottles of hooch). She's delayed 10 hours, but things could be worse. We (my mom, niece and I) drove home in a blinding thunderstorm to find a small leak in the roof, right over the IRS papers (we forgot to sign our return, says the IRS's Manager of Document Perfection, I kid you not).

I'm positive things will get better. My bride will get into Raleigh at 10 tomorrow instead of midnight tonight, in plenty of time for her sister's birthday party and her mother's hugs and kisses. The roof will be fixed this week. My own mom made it home through the rain, stopping to pick up a cake for a coworker in the middle of our worst thunderstorm of the year. My niece is spending the weekend with me (babysitting her uncle, as she puts it). We'll eat too much, burn many CD's, laugh, watch sappy television and learn. Add some video games, guacamole, a movie, loud music and some popcorn and that's our weekend in a nutshell.

A happy wife, a content husband, good family and friends, and junk food. The perfect weekend, even if it rains.

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