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November 3, 2002

Hello, This Is Jimmy Buffett...

Jimmy Buffett phoned me yesterday morning, but it wasn't a personal call, it was a recorded political ad for our incumbent governor. The campaign in Alabama has been full of mud-slinging: according to the advertising we have an ethically challenged governor running against a congressman who forgets to both pay his taxes and vote on Capitol Hill.

I'm torn on the election: the incumbent plans on much needed school funding increases through a state lottery (which has been swatted down in a public referendum during his current term), but has brought many jobs and positive exposure to the state. The challenger wants to tighten state goverment's belt, but that's been tried in the past with no success. Looks like I'm leaning Libertarian on this race...

One light note: the Phony Pony Song, an ad run by the incumbent (to the tune of "Dooley").

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