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November 21, 2002

When Mom Buys The Wrong tennis Shoes

Philly Weekly writes about bobos (generic tennis shoes):

When I was growing up, if your mom bought you bobos instead of Jack Purcells or Pro-Keds, you prayed they weren't the kind with the conspicuous red or blue stripe running around the side. If they were (and God was especially merciful), your mom scraped up another $1.99 before the rubber began to crack.

Growing up in Philly with two brothers and two sisters, I've worn my share of bobos (while always wishing for a pair of Chuck Taylors), and even remember singing the song mentioned in the article:

Bobos, they make your feet feel fiiiiiine.
Bobos, they cost a dollar ninety-niiiiiine.
Come get your bobos
Come get your bobos, your bobos, todaaay.

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