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August 13, 2003

Wishful Thinking For Gub'ner

Why should Californians have all the fun? Taking Jay Solo's idea to a local perspective, here are the ten entertainers I'd like to see as governor of my home state of Alabama:

1. Patterson Hood (Drive-By Truckers): Southern Rock Opera is this Florence native's resume.

2. Dean Jones: Decatur native always found a wacky solution to his dilemmas in Disney movies and would surely find an entertaining way to solve our state's woeful economic hardships.

3. Hank Williams, Jr. : He once lived down the street from me when I was in high school in Cullman. The parties at the governor's mansion would be legendary.

4. Willie Mays: The Westfield native is arguably the best five-tool baseball player ever and a remarkably nice guy.

5. Jim Nabors: Sylacauga native, because he talks like thee-us and sings LIKE THIS.

6. Mark Childress: Wonderful author needs to be compensated somehow, since his book, "Crazy In Alabama" was made into a Melanie Griffith film (ouch).

7. Denis Covington: Birmingham resident and talented author, he probably has too much common sense to ever run.

8. Harper Lee: Reclusive Monroeville author of "To Kill A Mockingbird" can just as easily recluse in Montgomery while adding southern, feminine grace to the office of governor.

9. Mother Angelica: Allegedly the world's second most famous Catholic now has a monastery in Hanceville.

10. Courtney Cox: Birmingham native would appeal to the young vote, we need a "Friend" in Montgomery.

Who would you like to have running your state or province?

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