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January 31, 2004

Bathroom Or Library? (I Say Both)

When I lived alone, I would always keep a book or magazine in my bathroom. Unfortunately, my wife finds such literary endeavors unsettling. Her opinion is that the bathroom should be used for showers, makeup, and lavatory excursions and not for reading.

At first I chalked this up to nurture. As a child I can remember toting the sports page or the comics to the bathroom, and I've heard my mother-in-law espouse the same feelings as her daughter. However, I remembered my sister (same parents and social upbringing as myself, of course) chastising my brother-in-law for requesting a bookshelf in their master bath.

Is this a split along sexes? I'm not sure. My wife has relented, she allows me to keep a copy of The Sporting News Hockey Register in our bathroom, along with some seed catalogs and a dog-eared Who's Who In Baseball (I find that books of sports statistics make the best bathroom reading for me, you can start and stop anywhere, and not have to worry about continuity).

Where do you stand on the topic? What do you read (if you do)? By the way, my wife has stood firm with her "no television in the bathroom" rule. I was kidding when I suggested it, but now that I think about it...

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