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February 16, 2004

Tomorrow's Shopping List

Tuesdays I usually take a long lunch, head to the record store, and get my weekly fix of new releases. It's a good week for new releases, there are no less than four cd's that I'm picking up (thank god for gift cards).

This week's gem: the long-awaited Mr. Wong DVD. This internet Flash phenomenon, written and voiced by South Park writers Pam Brady and Kyle McCulloch, manages to never be politically correct but always to be funny. The cartoons bring to life Bing Crosby's aging alcoholic houseboy, Mr. Wong, and his love-hate relationship with his new masochistic employer, Miss Pam. The theme song (mp3 link), sung by Davey Jones, gives you a hint of its content.

Also on the shopping list this week:

Lambchop - Aw C'mon (Merge) (cd)
Lambchop - No You C'mon (Merge) (cd)
Mr. Wong (Maverick) (dvd)
Preston School of Industry - Monsoon (Matador) (cd)
Mr. Wong (Maverick) (dvd)
Superchunk: Crowding Up Your Visual Field (Wea) (dvd)
Xiu Xiu - Fabulous Muscles (5RC) (cd)

Not on my list today, but interesting enough to look for in the bargain and used bins:

The Casual Dots - Casual Dots (Kill Rock Stars) (cd)
The Damned - Punk Generation: The Best of the Damned (Anarchy Music) (cd)
Indigo Girls - All That We Let In (Sony) (cd & dvd)
John Wesley Harding - Adams Apple (Artemis) (cd)
Pilot to Gunner - Get Saved (Arena Rock) (cd)
Trans Am - Liberation (Thrill Jockey) (cd)
The Big Band: Duke Ellington and Lionel Hampton (Navarre) (dvd)
The Front (Columbia TriStar) (dvd)
Reservoir Dogs (Artisan) (dvd)

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