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March 24, 2004

Happy Birthday, Patterson Hood

Happy birthday to a southern rock great, Patterson Hood (aka P. Master Hood) of Drive-By Truckers. If you're in Athens, Georgia, tonight, stop by the 40 Watt Club and see the man in action

A message from the man himself (from the DBT list):

Tonight I'm celebrating my birthday at The Fabulous 40 Watt Club in Athens GA. I'll be playing with Brad (The EZB) Morgan and my good friend Don Chambers. Don writes great kinda spooky songs and plays a vicious banjo to boot. When I did that residency at Flicker Bar last year (or was it longer ago), my show with Don was a personal fave of mine. We tend to stomp a lot when we play together (and that's always good in my book). We'll play at 10:30 sharp, probably until about midnight or so.

Afterward, as a birthday present to myself, We'll be spinning records with the help of our good friend Scott Munn. DJ Don Juan, DJ Munn E, and myself DJP.Master Hood have all scoured over our collections and picked out some real classic platters (some well known, some obscure). I can't promise you a good time, but I guarantee me a good time, and usually such thing are contagious. Grab a designated driver and by all means attend if you can.

On other notes: Thanks to everyone who was so incredible in Austin last week. SXSW was truly one of the best times I've ever had. On the DBT front, we played twice: New West picnic at Club Deville with The Flatlanders, Old 97's and Tim Easton among the highlights I saw. Brent Best sat in with us for half our set. Big Fun, great mexican food and fine folks to hang with. New West Showcase at La Zona Rosa was over the top. I missed Gary US Bonds sitting in with Delbert (dammit) but saw Dwight Yokum and he was incredible.

I sat on a panel about artists and their influences. We had to name 3 songs that somehow affected our work.I named Freedie's Dead by Curtis Mayfield / Hello It's Me by Todd Rundgren / and Bastards of Young by The Replacements. I got to sit next to Glenn Tilbrook (Squeeze) and Bob Glaub (session bassist with John Lennon, Springsteen among many others). Got to meet Don Was and the beautiful Jesse Colter. She talked about getting over Waylon's passing and her upcoming new album (can't wait to hear it). It was an incredible experience. I also played a solo show at The Cactus Cafe, which was really cool. I had to go on after an especially fantastic set by Kevn Kinney (one of the highlights of the weekend).

On our off day, I went to the Athens / Flagpole showcase and saw a great local hip hop band (Ishues) and a great local band I'd been meaning to see but hadn't yet: Summer Hymns are fantastic. (Love their album too). At the end of their set, Ishues joined them on stage and it was over the top fun. Later on, we saw Brooklyn band (formerly from Athens) The Mendoza Line. Once upon a time, when I first moved to Athens (10 years ago next week) I met Tim and Pete from that band. I attempted to produce a demo of them (then called The Incompetones) of a song called 'Waiting To Get Yelled At". Very proud to see what a fine band they've become and I look forward to seeing them again soon.

The true highlight of my weekend was saturday night's set by Centro-Matic. Pound for pound they're my favorite band in America right now and their set was the best I'd seen yet.

DBT will be at The Mercy Lounge in Nashville this Friday night.

See you at The Rock Show,
Patterson Hood

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