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March 25, 2004

Rocking The Older Folks

My mother-in-law finished her trip south yesterday, and should find a couple of indie discs in her mailbox soon. One day after work I was sitting in our computer room checking my e-mail, playing the new Iron and Wine (Our Endless Numbered Days), and she expressed an interest in the music, so I queued up everything I had by Mr. Beam. After a couple more songs, my mother-in-law was yet another fan converted by an indie evangelist.

This made me wonder, how many people have turned an older generation member to indie music? If so, what was the band or genre? Myself, I've distributed mix cd's to friends, co-workers and family in hopes of starting a jihad against the top 40, but the success ratio isn't great. Occasionally, someone is intrigued enough to turn off the Clear Channel radio stations, buy a record and explore an artist's catalog, and that makes it all worthwhile.

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