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August 13, 2004


The Paris Review interviews one of my favorite novelists, Haruki Murakami. "Even now, my ideal for writing fiction is to put Dostoevsky and Chandler together in one book. That's my goal." (only partial review online) (via)

Lisa doesn't own an iPod (and doesn't want one).

The Washington Post is posting mp3's.

The Finn brothers (Tim & Neil) talk about their musical sibling rivalry with Stuff.

The Vail Daily News asks two local bookstores for their recommended "top ten reads.".

The Austin Chronicle presents a feature on the 13th Floor Elevators.

The Austin City Limits Music Festival has posted preliminary schedule grids, and my decision-making begins.

The Comic Wire brings us up to speed on what Neil Gaiman's been doing lately.

The Belfast Telegraph interviews Björk. ""I sometimes wonder what they would say if I was from Leeds, but my relationship with England is kind of cute, too. When I was developing as a vocalist, little kids here in Reykjavik would throw rocks at me because they thought I was weird, but English music papers like the NME discovered The Sugarcubes and gave me some credit, so I was never offended by them calling me an elf."

The San Francisco Chronicle profiles Pamela Sue Anderson, the author.

The Independent interviews two members of Liverpool's Ella Guru. "Most of the songs conjure up images away from where you are. You can't write beautiful music when you're somewhere beautiful."

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