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August 16, 2004


The New York Times explores Warner's recent communications with mp3 blogs, touting the Secret Machines.

Reuters publishes a short piece on blogs, buzz and copyright, quoting Chiore Sicha, "Film companies and music companies are seeing that 18- to 35-year-olds who are smart and have money and buy everything online are almost entirely our audience. Blogs have this shocking demographic that most magazines would kill for." Rachel Hurley of scenestars is also quoted, "We're not 13 anymore. We don't have time to sit around the house playing records for our friends." Amen, Rachel.

Blender spends a couple of days on tour with the Drive-By Truckers. Patterson Hood's father, David (a noted Muscle Shoals session musician), is also interviewed in the article.

Yewknee has added more summer mixes, and many are downloadable.

The Viktor Vaughn Coloring Page is fun for all ages, but not nearly as much fun as Vaughn's Venomous Villain album, which is brilliant.

Dubyaspeak: keep up with the US president's utterances.

Ruthless lists their "Top Ten Most Ridiculous Black Metal Pics Of All Time."

For your next obscure party, Robot Is Smashed By Punctuality has the mp3's.

Mundane Sounds has posted volume three of their new artist series, stop by and discover some new music.

Epitonic is offering a "music data recorder," their version of Webjay.

Nobublog posts a variety of genres, but always listenable tunes. I stopped by for Superunit, but will be back for the surprises.

The Christian Science Monitor profiles the Paris Review and its new editor, Brigid Hughes.

"How To Use Bittorrent in 5 Easy Steps," thanks to The Saltwater Pizza Blog.

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