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September 14, 2004

Daily Downloads

Guided By Voices: 2004-09-11, Washington (bittorrent, registration required) [flac]
Radiohead: 2003-11-26, Earl's Court Xfm broadcast (bittorrent) [shn]
Bloc Party: two tracks [mp3]
Zelienople: two tracks [mp3]

Bloc Party: "Banquet" [mp3] from Bloc Party ep
Channels: "Chivaree" [mp3] from Open
Flossin: "Untitled #9" [mp3] from Lead Singer
S: "Falling" [mp3] from Puking and Crying
Zach Hill and Holy Smokes: "Royal Jelly/Maybe Another Lover" [mp3] from Masculine Drugs
Zelienople: "Ship That Goes Down" [mp3] from Sleeper Couch

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