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October 28, 2004


Neko In The Sun

The New York Times writes that, "on Fridays, bloggers sometimes retract their claws."

Morrissey wants Bush out, Kerry in.

MSNBC has an excerpt from Philip Roth's new novel, The Plot Against America.

The Riverfront Times profiles Camper Van Beethoven and the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players. Ten year-old drummer Rachel Trachtenburg is interviewed for the TFSP piece. "I don't like sound checks! You just have to play the songs that you're just going to play again later."

Hunter Davies profiles his love for soccer biographies in the New Statesman.

Sandie Shaw tells the Guardian she's not interested in another comeback.

The Houston Press examines the local blogging scene.

The Shins will perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live on November 5th.

The Metro Active profiles the Suicide Girls current burlesque tour.

Web 2.0 interviews Lucas Gonze of Webjay.

Chris Walla of Death Cab for Cutie talks to the Las Vegas Mercury about political involvement and new avenues of band promotion. "It's perfectly valid for someone in the middle of the country without a Net connection and a college radio station to watch a commercial and discover the Shins, and then go out and buy their record. That's one of many examples of how people can discover new bands. It's made the majors and the broadcast companies to look and see that there's another way to exploit bands."

The Philadelphia Inquirer examines podcasting, or as they call it, "the digital world meets Wayne's World."

Regis Philbin and William Shatner still rock.

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