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December 23, 2004


New West Records is offering a preview of the forthcoming Drive-By Truckers live dvd as well as an e-card from the band (warning: sound).

A Whole Lotta Nothing lists his "best of the net music for 2004."

Reason interviews FCC chairman Michael Powell.

Pitchfork lists their top 50 albums of 2004. How many have you heard? (Indie nerd that I am, I had heard 36 of these in their entirety)

Andy Cirzan offers Santa Soundscapes 2004!

Slate's Fred Kaplan lists the year's best jazz records.

Chicago Tribune music critic Greg Kot lists 2004's memorable live shows.

LA Weekly lists 5 2004 list-obsessed books. Also in LAW, 13 2004 CD reissues you may not have heard of.

The Broward New Times lists their top ten albums of 2004.

A St. Louis Post reporter is suspended for extracurricular Internet activities (his blog).

Washington's Metro Weekly lists the best and worst music of 2004.

Lynn offers an annual holiday music page, featuring many downloads (including "I Want Keith Partridge in My Stocking").

Rex at Fimoculous lists his best albums of 2004.

The Boston Herald writes a puff piece on podcasting.

Virgin Mobile gets viral with Chrismahanukwanzakah.

Kate Bush is working on a new album.

The Hershey Chronicle names their top ten albums of 2004.

The Washington Post reviews John Waters' appearance Tuesday night.

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