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October 22, 2005


Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand lists music you should hear, books you should read, and DVD's you should watch for Amazon.

MSNBC reviews the new, self-titled, Broken Social Scene album, even working in a Clap Your Hands Say Yeah reference.

CMJ gets the lowdown (Deerhoof as the backing band) on Bro. Danielson's solo record, ships, due to drop March 1st.

The Portland Mercury covers local roller derby.

Metromix interviews the Arcade Fire's Win Butler.

You've said mp3s make it hard for artists to make a living. What do you think of mp3s now that they helped make your career?

I think it remains to be seen. It's the sort of thing that it is what it is. If I hear about any band, that's how I check it out. I don't buy a lot of records. Mp3s keep me from buying [bad] records. I think it's the way people are going to be exposed to music from now on.

Conor Oberst talks to Acoustic Guitar.

"I can describe a sound I have in my head and Mike (Mogis) can make it with an instrument." This collaboration is why the albums are credited to Bright Eyes, rather than Conor Oberst. "It’s gotten to the point where I wouldn’t feel right making a record and not calling it Bright Eyes."

Newsday gets man-on-the-street reviews for Franz Ferdinand's new album, You Could Have It So Much Better.

I was stopped by a policeman today for singing. Actually, I stopped at a stop sign while singing along with the Mountain Goats, and an officer stopped by the side of the road wondered two things: if I was sober, and if so, why was I singing like a madman? I was sober, and I told the cop I was happy it was Friday. If you can guess the name of the song I was singing, leave a comment, I'll send along a couple of discs of Mountain Goats live shows. If no one guesses by Monday, I'll send the prize to whoever makes the first guess. One guess per person, please. A clue: the song mentions a season of the year...


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