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October 26, 2005


Singer-songwriter Devendra Banhart talks to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Wearing tight-fitting, flared jeans, brown boots and hoop earrings that make him look part hippie, part pirate, the songwriter leans back on a bed and tries to describe "Cripple Crow."

"It's like a many-ribboned thing," he says. "It's like a ribboned octopus. Not even an octopus."

Fiery Furnaces' grandmother Olga Sarantos talks to the New York Times about making an album with her grandchildren.

"They were always interested in what I have to say, my lifestyle and different stories," Mrs. Sarantos said in a telephone interview from the home of her daughter, Joan Friedberger, Matt and Eleanor's mother. "Matt remembered them and always said he could take a couple and make beautiful music. He's very imaginative."

Weezer's River Cuomo talks to Billboard about music, meditation, school, and celibacy.

Rogue Wave lists "travel music you must hear" for Amazon.

Liz Phair loves podcasting.

"I'm all about podcasting," Phair told "I'm totally fixated on it. It's what I'm into. We usually do a couple of live songs and then there are interviews. We're going to do it every Friday."

The Guardian wonders if the Arctic Monkeys have changed the music business.

The Independent Film Channel offers some simply charming Henry Rollins ringtones.

Wired explains where the ROKR went wrong, and what consumers really want in an mp3 phone.

Vashti Bunyan talks to Indie Interviews in the weekly podcast.

Stylus is celebrating the Electric Light Orchestra this week.

The Onion A.V. Club makes a definitive mixlist for Halloween.

Philadelphia Weekly's Liz Spikol lists her top 5 graphic novels of the moment.

Download Violated, a remix of Depeche Mode's Violator album.

Wikipedia lists Australian independent bands, 1976-1992.


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