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October 27, 2005


Download remixes of Deerhoof's "Rrrrrrright" and add one yourself.

Low's Alan Sparhawk and Matt Livingston talks to the Duluth News Tribune about the band's return.

Portastatic's Mac McCaughan talks to the Daily Texan.

"It's strange, because we think a lot of the bands on Merge could sell a lot of records. We don't go into things thinking, 'Well this Annie Hayden record is not going to appeal to that many people.'"

The Walkmen are writing a road novel.

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah's Alec Ounsworth talks to Paste.

"Besides lately having someone go to the bathroom for me, I don't feel very 'rock star' at all," Ounsworth types, presumably half-joking. "I'd rather not do phone or face-to-face interviews because there have been whole sentences fabricated or certain leaps of faith made on the interviewer’s part regarding what I've said."

The National's Matt Berninger talks to the Pitch.

"Often there's this big focus on the sad elements in our songs," he tells the Pitch. "Often people exaggerate that side of what we're doing, of being these sort of miserablists, which bums me out a little bit because most of the songs are sort of even in their moments of euphoria and silliness and humor and sadness."

The biopic Capote has jumpstarted sales for Truman Capote's In Cold Blood.

Singer-songwriter John Vanderslice talks to East Bay Express.

"One of the regrets I had when I finished the record was that I felt there's some songs on it I'm never gonna wanna play live, because it's gonna dredge all that shit up," Vanderslice admits. "But the thing that happens is that when you feel better, you get a little self-assured in the sense that, 'You know what, I'm on stable ground again,' and if you can't embrace all the crap you went through and aren't able to face it on some level, then this is not living. You can't be afraid. This really happened, you wrote this, and this is the truth."

Download Son Volt's October 21st Washington show, courtesy of NPR.

Scenestars is streaming the entire Ryan Adams discography, including bootlegs.

Amazon is offering a deal on DVDs: 2 for $22 from a selection of 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment titles (actually, they are $11 each) I picked up napoleon Dynamite and Garden State as I started holiday shopping early.


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