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January 11, 2006


No Love For Ned has Chris Brokaw performing in the studio on this week's edition of the streaming radio show.

Singer-songwriter Leslie Feist talks to the Ottawa Sun.

"I used to want to be a ... journalist until that urge segued into writing songs. When I’m writing a song, if it doesn’t come naturally after five minutes, I run the risk of not wanting to hear that melody ever again. I want it to be natural and in-the-moment and I don’t want to have to fight it."

Keith Murray of We Are Scientists talks to the Cleveland Free Times.

"I think sonically we do [fit in more with British bands], but I think that’s because over there, their sense of what mainstream music is sort of fits in more with what we consider indie rock," Murrary explains. "Here, our reviews recognize the fact that we lean towards radio-friendly, hooky tones, but we’re essentially a weird, indie version of that. Whereas over there we might as well be the Spice Girls in terms of how mainstream we are. They tend to fetishize the indie rock bands and make rock stars out of them more so than we do over here."

Nominations for the Brits 2006 music awards are out.

Saddle Creek will allow buyers of vinyl albums a free mp3 download of the disc as well as part of their "digital vinyl" program.

The Buffalo News makes a case for reading.

British singer-songwriter Imogen Heap talks to metro Toronto about her first job.

The New York Sun examines the controversy surrounding author James Frey.

Drive-By Trucker talked to University of Georgia students about the music industry yesterday.

"Warner Brothers doesn’t have an office on Clayton Street, and that was an attraction for me moving here," Hood said. "I thought I could move to Athens and just record records myself. The longer you can do it yourself, the better."

Tales from the tour van with over 100,000 miles, trying not to be conned by record labels and balancing family life with life on the road were all personal experiences that Hood shared with students.

"Most people don’t ever see money from a record deal," he said. "The money I have made is based on merchandising, so as long as people can’t download T-shirts, I’ll be OK."

Indie Interviews sits down with singer-songwriter Jana Hunter this week in the podcast.


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