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January 18, 2006


Q's readers list their top 100 albums of all time.

Blake Sennett talks to Seattle Weekly about the new Elected album, Sun, Sun, Sun (out January 24th).

Did you plan on having this album come out on the same day as Jenny Lewis'?

Yeah, it was intentional. It seemed like a fun thing to do. We've always put out records together and, you know, we love each other, and we're still making music together [in Rilo Kiley], so it seemed like a nice symbolic gesture.

The longlist for the Le Prince Maurice prize for "literary love stories" has been released, and includes works from authors Zadie Smith and Julian Fellowes.

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists have been added to the Live Music Archive, so look for downloadable live shows to be posted soon.

Popmatters offers a short quiz to help aspiring music writers.

Stream the new Beth Orton single, "Conceived," from her album, The Comfort of Strangers (out February 7th).

Film School talks to their hometown San Francisco Bay Guardian about their self-titled album.

The mixture of tones was deliberate. "We actually value a record that comes from different directions and has a different sound here and there, as long as it's cohesive, and we spent a lot of time trying to make it cohesive," wise man on campus Lannon says, sprawled in a lounger. "The record actually has, I think, a unique flow to it. It kind of takes you on this ride."

Just don't call them "shoegazer." "We just like [My Bloody Valentine's Loveless] because it's really textured and spacey, not because it's guys in bowl cuts staring at their shoes," LaBo gripes.

Author Andy Greenwald talks to Newcity Chicago about his debut novel, Miss Misery.

"The idea came for the book when I was procrastinating while writing `Nothing Feels Good,'" says Greenwald. "It was the summer of 2002, and it stayed with me. It was hard because no one wanted to take a chance on fiction from someone who didn't write it before. It was always a dream, but I never thought it was an attainable dream. In college I messed around in writing, took fiction, ripped off titles from Belle and Sebastian songs. I didn't think that I could write a novel, but I thought that I could write this novel, if that makes any sense."

Alternet compares the JT LeRoy literary scandal with the stem cell research scandal.

Indie Interviews sits down with Explosions in the Sky's Chris Hrasky in this week's podcast.

Submissions for artists showcases at Boston's fall NEMO Music Festival opened yesterday. This is a great chance to get your band (or yourself) some exposure.


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