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March 14, 2006


A Chicago Tribune reporter eulogizes his iPod.

Beth Ditto of the Gossip talks to Popmatters.

How much does the deep, Deliverance-style South figure into the Gossip's aesthetic?

Nathan and I were totally born in it. We've been through things you would not believe.


Okay, here's a story I always tell: The first time I ever got stoned was with my cousin. We were like 13 and 14. We smoked out of a Coke can, and then he flung open the back side door and took out his BB gun and started shooting outside. I was like, 'What are you doing?' And he's like 'What do you mean?' And I look out the door and he's shooting squirrels. And then I'm like, 'Oh my god.' And then he goes and gets them, skins them, and fries them up, because he has the munchies. Swear to God. True story. That is what makes me and Nathan so much different from the White Stripes.

Jason Lytle lists "ten things you probably didn't know" about his band, Grandaddy, for Harp.

Singer-songwriter Beth Orton talks to USA Today's Whitney Matheson.

How did you and (producer) Jim O'Rourke hook up? Did you approach him, or did he approach you?

I approached him. We briefly met 10 years ago, and then the September before (last) I was listening to Halfway to a Threeway, and I was just like, "Who is this?" The guitar playing, the sound ... it just blew me away. So I contacted him via e-mail. We met a couple of months later, and we decided to work together.

Glide lists "25 new songs to download right now."

Jenny Lewis's video for "Rise Up With Fists!!" made Entertainment Weekly's "must list."

Golfer Phil Mickelson's caddie, Jim Mackay, is a Drive-By Truckers fan.

Another of Jim's regular listens: Drive-By Truckers. "That's Jim's other love, besides his family and golf," says brother Tom, 33, vice president of A&R (artists and repertoire) for Universal Records in New York. "He knows his music and helped me with my career, which is amazing considering Jim can't sing, doesn't play an instrument and is the world's worst dancer."

Episode #25 of the Bat Segundo Show features author Jonathan Ames as a guest on the literary podcast.

I was going to post this when You Ain't No Picasso had the entire set online, but I couldn't wait to share Yo La Tengo's WFMU all-request benefit performance.

Author Kevin Brockmeier lists his favorite 50 novels for Shaken & Stirred.

Said the Gramophone's fundraising drive went very well (achieving its goal in one day), many thanks to everyone who donated to keep one of my favorite sites going.

Footballers list their favorite books for the National Football Museum.

No Love For Ned has the Zincs performing in the studio on this week's streaming radio show.

Singer-songwriter Regina Spektor has posted some new songs on her MySpace page.

Stream the new Morrissey video for "You Have Killed Me" windows quicktime


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