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March 29, 2006


The New York Sun profiles author Gustave Flaubert, calling him the "monk of literary realism."

Music Is Not Dead posts Nikki Sudden's final interview.

Richmond's Style Weekly wonders if Tres Chicas are alt-country's answer to the Dixie Chicks.

“The biggest secret for the Chicas is that less is more,” Cary says from her home in Raleigh. “You think you’re hearing more harmonies than you are. There’s a lot of laying out, and we tend to keep it two-part and let whatever voice makes the most sense on a line take over.”

The Onion A.V. Club has Sleater-Kinney drummer Janet Weiss put her iPod on shuffle and she discusses the resulting tunes.

Neil Young, "Lookin' For A Love"

JW: I'm a big Neil Young fan. I think I probably listened to On The Beach more than any of the other records, probably just because it was so hard to find for so long. And it added emphasis on how great it was to me when I finally got it. So I'm pretty attached to that one. He's a true genius, and he's still got it, especially his guitar-playing from the gut.

Minneapolis City Pages debates singer-songwriter Neko Case's country credibility.

January magazine reviews Kaye Gibbons' sequel to Ellen Foster, The Life All Around Me by Ellen Foster.

The Drive-By Truckers will headline Mississippi State's Old Main Music Festival in April.

Drowned in Sound interviews Nick Zinner of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

I was reading about Radiohead the other day, and they’re apparently keen on releasing new material as and when it’s ready through the internet. Does that appeal to you?

That’s a good idea. I think that’s something we could have benefited from, or even just doing one or two shows to try songs out before recording, but we decided to completely isolate ourselves from everything until it was all done, even the label.


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