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May 6, 2006


The Mobile Press-Register attends the Alabama Writers Symposium, and explores the literary myths of Monroeville, (birthplace of Harper Lee).

The idea of "something in the water" in Monroeville that nourishes writing took hold years back. Now, organizers sell "Inspiration" bottled water at the conference at $2 a pop. Most people at the conference were amused by the idea of the bottled water, but not convinced the water had much to do with the people linked to the official Literary Capital of Alabama.

Political candidates have discovered MySpace, and are using it for campaign purposes.

Episode #35 of the literary podcast (litcast?) the Bat Segundo Show features litblogger Mark Sarvas and author Sheila Heti. Episode #36 has litblogger Gwenda Bond and author Jeffrey Ford.

Billboard interviews Roger Waters about the classic Pink Floyd album, Dark Side of the Moon.

Q: Did "Dark Side" mark a turning point for Pink Floyd in the studio?

A: Yeah. Up until "Dark Side," we were a very cohesive team. We were very much a band, we worked very closely together, and we were content to do that. ("Dark Side") marked a watershed in that after that, (recording) became more and more problematic. With "Dark Side" we had sort of achieved what we'd set out to achieve as young men going into the music business. After that we clung together out of fear more than out of hope.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch profiles local record store Vintage Vinyl. The store is holding a 25th anniversary block party today, happy birthday!

Wolfmother bassist/keyboardist is interviewed by

MP3: Are there any bands that you’ve heard yourselves compared to that you just kind of laughed at or felt were way off base?

CR: I don’t think so. I can only think of someone saying, 'Oh, you got to check out this band Budgie and I kind of listened to it and I can’t remember what it sounded like, and I haven’t listened to it again, so I mustn’t be into it. But I didn’t really see the correlation. And then the guy who runs Modular Records in Australia, he gave us a copy of Blue Cheer and that was rad. It’s kind of similar to what we’re doing, but it’s quite different as well.

San Francisco's Lovemakers discuss some of their favorite albums with

The Times Online examines the "celebrity book invasion."

Of the top 50 bestselling titles last year in the biography and autobiography category, half were by or about celebrities (broadly defined as anyone whose fame is TV-based). Sharon Osbourne’s book Extreme has become the bestselling hardback autobiography since records began, with more than 600,000 copies sold, followed by David Beckham’s My Side, with more than half a million sales. Sales of celebrity books are growing at an estimated 15 per cent a year.

Hook, Line and Stinker is a literary blog devoted to opening lines.

The Alan Moore Interview Index catalogs the author's interviews.

T-shirt of the day: "Mommy wants a new president."

Singer-songwriter Alina Simone recommends Russian band Autykon in Chaos Control Digizine.


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