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July 8, 2006


The Washington Post looks for the advantages of music radio in music blogs.

Internet music sites are thriving gatherings of avid fans who easily find soul mates in even the most obscure categories of listening. But few homegrown music blogs -- on MySpace or on their own -- have found large audiences. Most of them are created by and for the deeply involved, who tend to sneer at music that's too popular.

PETA lists the top ten vegetarian-friendly major league ballparks.

The members of Oneida talk to the Village Voice.

All four Oneidas are in their early thirties. "It's hard to market us," Jane says. "Maybe we're too old."

The Telegraph shares author Don DeLillo and critic Griel Marcus's commentary from the Telluride Film Festival after the screening of Martin Scorsese's documentary, Bob Dylan: No Direction Home.

DD: Dylan became one of those rare people who exemplifies his art in his person. Imagine the same music, the same lyrics, the same instrumentation - but Dylan could not have been a fat kid with a crew cut and purplish Minnesota Vikings jersey. He had to look as he looks. It's interesting how, probably not in specific ways, the Cold War kind of hovers over Dylan, the persona, and the music itself.

Guillemots' Fyfe Dangerfield talks to the Sun.

“There is a lot of exciting music around but not necessarily in the charts.

“A lot of bands are playing safe doing what other bands do and not trying very hard.

“People used to be experimental with pop music. We want to come up with records like the ones that were massive in the Sixties.”

Dangerfield also lists ten songs that inspired his music for the Guardian.

Singer-songwriter Lily Allen also talks to the Sun.

You are one of the new stars of the MySpace generation. How much do you owe to it?

A lot. I love it. I like “talking” to people on there. I know people are logging on now to get gossip, like my splitting with my boyfriend Seb.

I write just for the people who have been reading since the beginning. I’m not going to stop as new people are suddenly latching on as I’m more well known now.

Asian News profiles J-pop and its "quiet storm in American culture," then interviews the Japanese band the Pillows in the second part of the article.

With the World Cup final looming, the Independent gives pre-match analysis comparing everything (literature, music, men, etc.) but France and Italy's soccer squads.

The Guardian reviews Haruki Murakami's new book of short stories, Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman.

Murakami's novels are meandering things, full of delights, but often frustrating in their combination of brilliance and laxity, and with a surrealism that can become tiresome over the long haul. His short stories contain the same abundance of brilliance, but also have a balance and poise that allow his writing to shine.

Alison Bechdel's blog is refreshing, how many authors' response to landing on he New York Times bestseller list would be "well slap my ass and call me Judy" (besides possibly Jonathan Ames)?

Sufjan Stevens announced a fall tour, kicking off in Nashville on September 11th at the Ryman. examines sources for DRM-free music downloading options.

CNET lists the top ten mp3 players under $100.

Whatever lists the top 50 personal blogs in science fiction and fantasy (ranked by Technorati ranking).


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