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November 3, 2006


The Washington Square News interviews Deerhoof's Greg Saunier.

WSN: I wanted to talk about the new album, Friend Opportunity. How far along is it now?

Greg Saunier: It’s all totally finished, actually — mixed, mastered and manufactured. We’re actually gonna see a finished copy for the first time in two days.

The Cleveland Plain-Dealer interviews author Margaret Atwood.

Riot Act's David Lewis talks to the Denver Post about secular music and personal faith.

"On some level, those of us who aren't Christian are so bombarded with images and rhetoric that when we hear the word 'Jesus' it has much more to do with a personal motif than it has anything to do with the biblical or Christian right ideology," Lewis said. "When I see 'The 700 Club,' I get really upset because Pat Robertson represents a different side of this. But with indie rock, we can stand to be a little bit more open-minded and listen to things on face value."

Popmatters chronicles day one of CMJ.

Stylus lists the top ten songs about necrophilia.

The Springfield News-Leader profiles Someone Still Loves You, Boris Yeltsin.

From there the buzz built, especially among music bloggers — average fans who took their passion for music to the Web and other listeners.

"I spun it constantly for days and days, and I absolutely loved it," says Ryan Cornwell, 32, who lives in Ohio and writes music blog Catbird Seat. "I was obsessed. I loved this band."

Defective Yeti is liveblogging its reading of Moby Dick

Already I feel like I'm on a date with someone who does not share my interests. Yes, I have felt vibrations while sailing on ships, but they were more gastrointestinal than mystical. And I've never felt crazy to go to sea. Me, I'm a big fan of land, the sort of terrain you can ride a bike across and build a bagel store on. If empathizing with the narrator's hydrophilia is a prerequisite for enjoying this book, I may be in trouble..

WOMMA (Word of Mouth Marketing Association) has released Ethical Blogger Contact Guidelines: 10 Principles for Ethical Contact by Marketers.

Tom Gray of Gomez talks to Grist about green touring.

Our T-shirts are made organically. We try to make sure everything that's brought into the tour is sourced locally. I mean top to bottom ... Everything on the bus is recycled. There's recycling bins under there [lifts a curtain near the front door] ... We're trying to see how far you can do it. There are limits obviously, but it's pretty successful so far.

The New York Times examines books sold outside of traditional bookstores.

“It’s a way for the book business to stay alive,” said Abby Hoffman, the vice president of sales and marketing for Chronicle Books in San Francisco, which sells most of its 350 offbeat titles each year to places like high-end grocery stores, children’s clothing stores and wineries. “Anyplace that sells merchandise is a place to sell books.”

AOL's Music News blog reports that Pete Doherty has inspired a children's book.

In a charming little kiddie book entitled 'A Boy Called Pete,' illustrator David Whittle and the folks at Popjustice Press tell the tale of a disheveled lad who "isn't fond of rules and regulations" -- one of the things that insures that "sometimes he falls down a lot." The story is pretty true to life, as are the illustrations -- particularly the ones that depict the pasty-faced title character waving around a syringe and spurting blood (for purely artistic purposes, of course).

The Christian Science Monitor finds out what new York Times columnist Frank Rich is listening to.

I'm listening to the new Bob Dylan album ["Modern Times"]. I love music, and I'm pretty susceptible to any suggestions people make, including my kids, who are young men in their early 20s. I'm listening to the new Diana Krall album, but there's also some independent rock stuff like Antony and the Johnsons, Sufjan Stevens, Rufus Wainwright. I haven't heard the new Beck album yet, but I will. I like jazz piano. I listen to a lot of eclectic stuff. I do not listen to "American Idol" pop.

The GBV Songbook collects Robert Pollard-related guitar tabs.

Alison Bechdel talks to Exclaim! about her graphic memoir, Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic.

“I think my anxiety about getting things accurate, and my obsessiveness about it, is my personal stamp,” she says. “In some ways, the whole book is an expanded version of my childhood journal; I was adding ‘I think’ or ‘maybe’ to my declarative sentences, to sort of undo them in case they weren’t exactly true. I feel like that’s what my process is in this book — I’m quite anxious about not telling the true story.”

Minnesota Public Radio has Austin's Black Angels in the studio for a live performance.

There are some Flickr photos of the Mountain Goats' Halloween show posted, with John Darnielle dressed as Batman, Peter Hughes as a skeleton, and Franklin Bruno as Richard Simmons.

For the Records lists its top ten Canadian bands for 2006.

The LHB Fuzzy Warbles contest is ongoing... Nickname the current US president and possibly win the Andy Partridge box set.

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