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December 17, 2006


The Jerusalem Post reviews Hanukkah albums.

The Chicago Tribune examines the music industry's response to album leaks.

"I don't think we're plagued with the same problems that major labels are as far as the dangers of leaking, nor do I necessarily agree with their view or tactics," says Tony Kiewel, head of A&R at Sub Pop Records, a veteran label whose laid-back approach and grounded, non-commercial attitude helped usher in the hands-off, artist-friendly tactics now commonplace in the indie sector. The Seattle imprint sends discs to journalists months before release dates in hopes of generating buzz.

The Philadelphia Inquirer creates the "Christmas album of your dreams."

Time lists the 10 best Asian books of the year, and the San Francisco Chronicle lists its favorite books of 2006..

The Hartford Courant interviews singer-songwriter Gary Higgins about the delayed success of his album, Red Hash..

"Everybody was totally blown away that the interest was there, that it lived on and became a legend unbeknownst to me," Higgins, 58, says, settled back on the couch in the living room of his house in the Falls Village section of Canaan.

The Boston Globe lists their best albums of 2006.

AskMetafilter community members are naming their favorite books.

NPR lists quality children's books for holiday gift giving, and the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel does the same for adults.

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The Los Angeles Times examine the influence of music blogs on music sales and artist buzz, and interviews several music bloggers.

It's also unclear how to measure the disembodied splash the next day's Web sensation makes. Online MP3 aggregators like the Hype Machine and have become popular sources of buzz, collecting data on the most frequently downloaded music on the Web. The hits parade on such sites changes so quickly that, the good-naturedly snarky music blog launched in New York last fall by the Gawker conglomerate, runs a feature about them subtitled "Today's Biggest Band in the World."

The San Francisco Chronicle profiles singer-songwriter Joanna Newsom.

The Daily Yomiuri examines the "Karuki Murakami@East Asia" literary symposium.

These opinions from different nations and territories in the region showed that while Murakami's works are described at times as "odorless" or as "global literature," they do in fact sketch out the modern history of East Asian nations. Resonating with the thoughts of the times, Murakami is challenging universal issues of mankind such as history and morality, and is expected to increase his presence in an East Asian region in transition.

The Chapel Hill News lists sports book gift ideas.

Former Cranberries singer Dolores O’Riordan talks to the Times Online about her debut solo album, due out in May.

“It’s completely different from the Cranberries. You wouldn’t have written something as dark and personal as that with the boys,” said O’Riordan.

antville has named the finalists for its 2oo6 Music Video Awards.

Slant reviews the year in film.

Billboard's panel of critics has named its ten top albums of 2006.

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