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February 18, 2007


The Toronto Star interviews Yoko Ono.

Are there any artists on here that you feel are carrying on your legacy?

I think they all are, actually. Not just because they are using my tracks and remaking them, but because their own bands, the CDs they make. I'm very surprised, because the indie music now is very much what I was trying to do 40 years ago.

In the Chicago Sun-Times, Jim DeRogatis examines indie music's often ironic use in advertising.

The message of the AARP ad is that life will be one big, happy birthday party for retiring Baby Boomers, complete with food fights, balloons and dancing gorillas. But the theme of the Buzzcocks' song is exactly the opposite: The key line that sets up the catchy chorus of "Everybody's Happy Nowadays" is "Life's an illusion, love is the dream." The tune was a bookend to another 1979 single, "I Believe," that made the group's cynical worldview even clearer: "There is no love in this world anymore." In other words, the Buzzcocks are saying "life stinks," and AARP is saying "everything's peachy." But the Orwellian power of advertising and TV are such that ever such black and white distinctions can be obliterated.

The San Francisco Chronicle interviews OK Go's Damian Kulash.

Q: Do you have nightmares of being the new Blind Melon?

A: Yes. I lie awake in bed, and I can only see a dancing bee girl. No, I mean, obviously we are aware of that, but the reality is any band is a one-hit wonder until they have their next hit. And if this is all we're remembered for, it's a pretty cool thing to be remembered for. Hopefully we have a little more time. And not just be the treadmill dudes.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram examines the local nerdcore scene.

The Seattle Times lists notable spring book releases.

The Sydney Morning Herald lists the top ten fictional sports.

Author Derek McCulloch talks to the Santa Cruz Sentinel about his graphic novel, Stagger Lee.

The story of 'Stagger Lee' has a lot of very powerful basic symbols, the three that I singled out for the book — the hat, the gun and the ghost — those are really images that people latch onto, and those are the ones that have stayed in every version of the song through the years," says McCulloch. "I think its longevity is due to the basic appeal of the 'Stagger Lee' character, who will take nothing from anybody, he'll do exactly what he wants, no matter what anybody says, and that sort of character has always been appealing in American folklore"

see also: McCullough's Book Notes contribution for Stagger Lee

IGN lists the top 25 reggae albums.

Zelda Reorchestrated transcribes the music from Nintendo's Zelda video game series and makes it available as downoadable mp3 files.

ZREO stands for Zelda Reorchestrated. It is our goal to transcribe the musical masterpieces that you have heard in the greatest video game series ever created: The Legend of Zelda! Our goal is to give each and every song from The Legend of Zelda series a realistic and atmospheric sound with the quality that you would expect from such film composers as John Williams, Howard Shore, and James Horner.

The Independent profiles Nirvana's Kurt Cobain in what would have been the singer's 40th birthday week.

Devotees will mark Tuesday's anniversary by gathering at his unofficial shrine, a graffiti-strewn spot under the Young Street bridge in his hometown of Aberdeen, Washington, where he claimed to have slept rough as a homeless teenager. The town is just 100 miles from Seattle, famous for only two things - Microsoft and being the birthplace of grunge, of which Cobain was king.

Author Iain Banks talks to the Independent about his success.

He's never won a major prize, probably because he is unapologetically populist. "I have a weakness for plots and stories and surprise endings." But his books always have a social conscience. Complicity was a "considered comment" on Thatcherism; Dead Air opens with the attacks on the World Trade Center.

CAConrad has a new poem at MiPOesias magazine.

see also: CAConrad's Book Notes contribution for his collection of poetry, Deviant Propulsion.

Oh Word lists "50 incredible rap songs you need to hear right now."

T-shirt of the day: "Tii-shirt"

NPR is streaming last night's Arcade Fire New York performance.

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