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May 23, 2007


Artist Jonathan Till talks to the Denver Post about designing album artwork.

Till approaches everything in his life visually. He doesn't burn CDs, because he relates to music by what the physical product looks like. He laments the shrinking album cover and offers discounts to bands willing to experiment with art or unique packaging.

"I like making bands look cool," Till said. "I like having the record mean something to them. It's not just nice looking, but it fits what's inside. The art connects to their music somehow."

The Globe and Mail examines Canada's venerable music venues.

AfterEllen lists 13 lesbian and bi literary characters you should know.

The Boston Herald profiles, another social networking service with music as its foundation.

But while casts a wide net, will focus purely on music, Poehlman said. Registered users will be able to personalize their pages with filters and get a constant stream of information on their favorite bands or musical genres.

The New York Times covers yesterday's auction of the contents of venerable NYC bookstore, Gotham Books.

Locus lists SFFH (science fiction, fantasy and horror) books on the bestselling lists.

NPR's Morning Edition excerpts from Khaled Hosseini's new novel, A Thousand Splendid Suns.

No Love For Ned features an in-studio performance by Minmae this week on the streaming radio program.

LAist interviews Antoine Wilson about his debut novel, The Interloper.

You’ve done something that is rarely done well – but when it is, is our favorite kind of fiction – where the funny and the horrible meet. Neither feels forced, both amplify the human element of what is happening. How did this dark humor come about?

After the book made its way into the world, it occurred to me that someone who never had a murder in their family might never write this kind of book. It’s dark, but the darkness that unfolds was something I had to live with and cope with using the full spectrum of emotions. I didn’t feel there was a clash with the funny stuff – I just kept thinking it was darkly comic. But if someone set out to write this book - decided to make it funny on purpose - the schism might be a little more obvious and it might not work. I meant it to be a funny book. It’s a train wreck. I think a train wreck should be funny to a certain extent. But a real train wreck isn’t funny…

Dark Party Review revisits Art Spiegelman's seminal graphic novel, Maus, 15 years after it won a Pulitzer.

Members of Voxtrot talk to Austin360.

"When singles were the dominant format, there were lots of regional hits and a lot of people were spending their money on records that not everyone across the country would have heard of," Van Fleet says. "There's a similar thing happening now, but instead of being geographical it's subcultural. People are really able to dig into the type of music they like even if that music isn't really appreciated across the board. Instead of 100 people buying the same record, those 100 people are all buying different records."

CNN reports that Japan will award a "Nobel Prize of Manga" this summer.

The International Manga Award -- which manga enthusiast Foreign Minister Taro Aso likened to a "Nobel Prize" when he first proposed it last year -- will be given to an artist working abroad whose work best contributes to the spread of the manga form worldwide, the ministry said in a statement.

Philadelphia Weekly offers a summer reading guide.

Simplehelp lists the top 10 iTunes addons and plugins.

The Futurist has mp3s from Vandaveer's recent WOXY Lounge Act session.

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