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August 5, 2007


The Philadelphia Inquirer lists 2007's "songs of summer."

Savannah Now interviews singer-songwriter Daniel Johnston.

Nashville's Tennessean previews this year's Southern Festival of Books, scheduled for October 12th-24th.

The Hold Steady's Tad Kubler talks to the Toronto Star.

"We could get up anywhere, anytime and jump up on stage and get the audience involved. If you're like that guy in the audience who wants to scream `Do "Freebird!"' watch out, 'coz we can play it."

The Chicago Tribune and Daily Herald examine the children's portion of the Lollapalooza festival, Kidzapalooza.

Author Neil Gaiman talks to the New York Times.

His usual way of working — plotting a graphic novel frame by frame and then turning his instructions over to an artist — is as close, he has said, as you can get to moviemaking without actually making a movie.

“What I do is like being the screenwriter, director and editor,” he explained. “The artist gets to be the cameraman and the actors.”

Gaiman also talks to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Harp examines the controversy around rising net radio fees.

Two Jack Kerouac & On the Road links:

In Newsweek's books podcast, David Gates discusses the impact of the book on its 50th anniversary.

The Observer examines the book's relevance to the youth of today.

Newsweek lists "sleeper reads" for summer.

Harp interviews musicians who have played in Jandek's band, including Centro-matic's Will Johnson.

So, how do you feel about the approach that he takes?

WILL JOHNSON: Well, I think the dedication to that approach and the persistence toward that approach for 30 years almost now, and 50 albums, is definitely to be respected. I run across a lot of people who, the first thing they want to talk about is the music, and whether they like the music or not. It’s always a strong feeling, y’know. No one’s ever on the fence with it—which is beautiful in a way, because even still, the art always warrants conversation at length and debate. I think that’s respectable.

NPR's All Things Considered features cellist Erik Friedlander with an interview and performance.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune interviews singer-songwriter Patti Smith.

The Times Online profiles two new online music sites, and

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