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October 6, 2008

Shorties (Ryan Adams, Girl Talk, and more)

Neal Casal talks to the Des Moines Register about the new Ryan Adams and the Cardinals album, Cardinology.

"I think this record will be the turning point where fans will really get comfortable with the change," Casal said. "They're still getting all the personality and dynamics he brings, just under a different name. He's in a strong place now that he has a gang, friends and somewhat of a family."

Pitchfork interviews Gregg Gillis of Girl Talk.

Pitchfork: What about the role of irony in your music, if there is any? What is your actual relationship to the tracks you draw from? Which of them you think, "Oh, this is amazing; this is genius," which of them you think, "This is silly," and which of them you think, "This is a cheesy guilty pleasure."

GG: At this point I feel like I've graduated beyond guilty pleasures. I sample everything on this because I like it. Going back to my high school band experience, the bitter teenage years, back then I would sample the music almost to mess it up. Even on the first Girl Talk album, I don't want to say I was approaching it ironically, but I was taking songs that I maybe didn't listen to as much, like [Joan Osborne's] "One of Us", and completely mangling it. But [now], that's not really interesting to me.

Pitchfork interviews Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne about his film, Christmas on Mars.

Pitchfork: So, tell me about this movie you guys are finally putting out. I guess the big question is, what took you so long?

WC: [Laughing] Probably a combination of things. But I think the worst thing that delayed it was really not anything that was bad. I call it "being interrupted by success." You know, we had done The Soft Bulletin, which came out in 1999, and we knew we that were gonna make another record before too long. But in between this, we were still in this mode of kind of just-- not re-creating what we could be, but kind of doing different things. For the longest time in the Flaming Lips we were like, "Make a record, go on tour. Come back, make another record," and you know, I think, frankly, we were kind of like, "There's more to life than just recording records and going on tour." And we thought that if we wanted to do different stuff, we would. So, I think I thought, "Well, why don't we make a movie."

Glide Magazine interviews Calexico's Joey Burns.

On future collaboration with Iron & Wine's Sam Beam, who sings on "House of Valparaiso":

"No real plans right now, but for him, the invitation is always open. I know he's got a ton of projects but he's an amazing musician and writer and painter, and also a great arranger. When I was in Austin some time back we had dinner and celebrated his youngest daughter's first birthday and I told him "If you're interested, I have a couple of songs and would love to have you add some vocals." And "House of Valparaiso" was an easy fit for him—his vocals are so rich and such a wide spread that if he adds three vocals it sounds like six people. He adds so much, and I love that."

The New Yorker features new short fiction by Yiyun Li, “Gold Boy, Emerald Girl.”

PopMatters interviews Nellie McKay.

The New York Times examines the use of video games to lure children to reading.

Five Chapters is serializing the first chapter of a novel-in-progress by Ted Heller.

Keane is streaming its new album, Perfect Symmetry (out October 14th), at

The Grand Rapids Press reviews recently published rock and roll books.

We Make Zines is a "place for zinesters - writers and readers."

The blogger behind Condemned to Rock 'n Roll has posted his graduate thesis online, "Does NME even know what a music blog is?: The rhetoric and social meaning of MP3 blogs." lists the best sites to get free e-books.

Mike Smith (founder of the excellent UK mp3 blog Nothing But Green Lights) has joined the team at The Morning News writing a regular music column.

Neil Gaiman talks to Minnesota Public Radio about the inspiration behind his new novel, The Graveyard Book.

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