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July 26, 2009

Shorties (Top Albums of All Time, Dave Eggers, and more)

The Radiohead ateaseweb music forum has finished its poll of the top 1000 albums of all time.

NPR's All Things Considered reviews and excerpts from Dave Eggers' new book, Zeitoun.

The New York Times examines the shift from illegal downloading of music to free and legal streaming services.

Many music industry observers now believe that there is a fundamental shift under way: from illegal downloads to licensed streaming services like MySpace Music, imeem and Spotify, where users can play any song, anytime and — coming soon — on any device. These sites are free, supported by ads, and with an expanding catalog of songs, they are finally ready to overshadow the more cumbersome, unauthorized services that can be hard for newcomers to navigate.

CBC News examines the discussion around changing Canada's copyright laws.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel lists 12 novels to read this fall.

The Observer reviews Irvine Welsh's new collection of short stories, Reheated Cabbage.

The Los Angeles Times reviews Brian Evenson's latest short story collection, Fugue State.

With this perspective of horror-as-genre, Evenson distills our fascination with the gothic and how fear can be used as a lens for perceiving life. "Fugue State's" opening story approaches this idea with a basic setup: Two young girls play innocently until a simple knock on the door, nothing more, alters the situation from one of simplicity to one of forking imaginative possibilities. For one girl, this "incident" injects terror into the way she engages with every aspect of her life. The other girl hardly remembers it. Likewise, one of the book's many lone-wolf protagonists comes to a similarly amorphous situation, and with Evenson's meta-writer voice peeking through, thinks: "There is, in every event, whether lived or told, always a hole or a gap, often more than one. If we allow ourselves to get caught in it, we find it opening into a void that, once we have slipped into it, we can never escape." Clearly, Evenson has seen the hole, has opted for the void and has no intention of escape.

NPR's All Songs Considered lists artist discoveries from the Pitchfork Music Festival.

This week's Largehearted Boy contest gives away two of my favorite short story collections of the year, Jean Thompson's Do Not Deny Me and Pettina Grappah's An Elegy for Easterly.

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