October 08, 2003
Drop The Puck!

Today is the beginning of the NHL season, my favorite time of year for sports. I was lucky to be a kid in Philly when the Broad Street Bullies were terrorizing their way to two Stanley Cups. The toothless Bobby Clarke was my hero, whether he was slashing Russian ankles or dishing to Bill Barber or Reggie Leach on the famous LCB line.

Though I'm still a Philly fan, due to geography we see more Nashville Predator games these days, both in person and on television. They're an easy team to like, built around defense, checking and hard work at both ends of the rink. The playoffs are probably a couple of years away based on their thin blueline, but the team is building a contender slowly.

My fearless NHL predictions:

Division winner predictions: Philadelphia, Washington and Ottawa in the east; Detroit, Vancouver and Dallas in the west.

Finals prediction: Philly vs. Vancouver

Stanley Cup prediction: Vancouver

Posted by david on October 08, 2003

Awwwyeah.... My favorite time of year as well.

It will be interesting to see how Dallas does this year - quite a few shake ups, and Mikey is going to be a completely different "type" of team Captain. I can't begin to describe how melancholy I feel today. I miss being there on opening night. I had season tickets for three years, and the only thing better than opening night was being at the Stanley Cup playoff games in person. I've touched the Cup, I've had a chance to get to know some players, etc. These guys have to be the best all-around athletes in sports. Period. They are in a whole different category.

I guess the "home NHL team" around these parts are the Capitals. Because of some personal "icky" stuff I really can't watch hockey (comfortably) at home (yet.) It's sadly ironic that the guy that taught me to love the game now can't stand it because of my stupidity.

Posted by: kelly on October 8, 2003 09:21 AM
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