November 17, 2003
Bragging Party

I was moving some older video files yesterday (music videos, by the way), and found a clip of the Amps on Conan O'Brien, playing the title track, "Pacer," to their 1995 album. I've mentioned before that this is my favorite album of all time. Kim Deal's pet project (besides her other pet project, the Breeders), this band's only album captures a rawness and spirit that amazes me with every listen. An added plus for me is the Guided By Voices connections: Nate Farley (who played guitar for the Amps) is currently playing rhythm guitar for GBV; Jim "Hillbilly Boy" Macpherson played drums for GBV; Kim herself produced several songs for the band; Bob Pollard co-wrote "I Am Decided."

The first song this week is Kim's demo of the title track from the album. The second mp3 is the Breeders performing Tipp City at the 2002 Reading Festival. As an added bonus, the aforementioned video is offered in all its lo-res, grainy glory, worthwhile if only to see a very young Nate Farley bobbing his head from side to side and thoroughly enjoying himself.

Posted by david on November 17, 2003

On a recent roadtrip headed North, I stopped to fill up in Tipp City even though I didn't need to...just so I could have a credit card receipt with the town's name on it.

I *heart* Kim.

Posted by: Paul on November 17, 2003 08:34 AM

Yeah, I got to see them live at SXSW, bookended by Spoon and GBV. One of my favorite shows of all time!

Posted by: omit on November 17, 2003 11:50 AM

I have to admit that as much as I love Spoon's studio output, their live shows have always left me wanting.

I've seen the Breeders (and Amps) probably only less times than GBV, Kim Deal is one of my favorite musicians.

Posted by: david on November 17, 2003 02:19 PM
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