November 23, 2003
Cat Powered mp3's This Week

Chan Marshall is mesmerizing on plastic, all smoothness and lilting voice. It's to her recorded persona that I dedicate this week's post of downloadable tunes, not the difficult, put-out live performer that I've seen twice and vowed never to waste my time on again.

Chan Marshall is known for her cover songs, even putting out an album, The Covers Record, consisting solely of them. At her Atlanta show this year she covered the White Stripes' "Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground."

Drive-By Trucker Patterson Hood's self-released solo album, Killers and Stars, includes an ode to Ms. Marshall, "Cat Power." Enjoy.

Posted by david on November 23, 2003

I liked The Covers Record, especially "I found a reason".

Posted by: sugarmama on November 23, 2003 06:51 PM
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