December 17, 2003
Holiday Songs That Aren't Terrible

Flagpole lists "holiday songs that aren’t terrible; they’re out there," including some largehearted favorites:

Of Montreal "Christmas Isn't Safe For Animals"

Yeah, it's got little to actually do with Christmas, but the ever-charming Of Montreal packs another intricate pop masterwork under surface faux-innocence.

Drive-By Truckers "Hope Santa's Out of Rehab for Xmas"

"Grandma won't take me skating, and my cousin won't score me no dope..." are the Truckers' sorrows on this Holiday cut off the 1996 Flagpole Christmas Album. "Need a new rifle to kill me some squirrels, need me a slingshot to shoot at the girls." Been there, brother.

Speaking of DBT, Stephen King recommended the band in his December 5th column for Entertainment Weekly (according to Flagpole's Music News & Gossip). Of course, he also mentions Kid Rock as a good listen, so take his recommendation with the requisite grain of salt.

Posted by david on December 17, 2003

Stephen King has the worst taste in music. I've read interviews where he talks about all the books he's written while listening to Metallica.

Posted by: troy steele on December 17, 2003 11:56 AM

Hrmm. Not a big fan of Kid Rock, but will admit I'm a little fond of Metallica. I spent a lot of time listening to Metallica while watching pre-skate for the Stars. Those boys love their heavy metal. Of course, I also know some of the other players "taste" in music. Some of it is pretty funny.

(Could this comment get any more off-topic??)

Posted by: kelly on December 17, 2003 05:20 PM

Early Metallica is pretty interesting. I'm also a fan of King's earlier works, they make for some decent light reading.

As for off-topic hockey players and their music... I've been associated with hockey teams ever since grad school, working as a volunteer interpreter mostly. I've seen players ridiculed for listening to anything other than metal or country music, and not in kind ways, but that is part of the hazing that is professional sport.

Posted by: david on December 17, 2003 06:22 PM

"Hope Santa's Out of Rehab for Xmas"

Gotta love it!

Posted by: Terry on December 18, 2003 03:33 PM
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