December 24, 2003
The Christians And The Pagans, But Mostly The Pagans

Ever wonder how pagans spend the winter holidays? The Pittsburgh City Paper examines pre-Christian Yuletide and the people who celebrate it:

Local Pagans hold mostly small group and solitary rituals. There are no public Pagan places of worship here in Pittsburgh -- unless you count all of outdoors. Most Pagans share holidays each year, four of them based on the solstices and equinoxes. Samhain -- the Pagan holiday honoring the dead thatís a Halloween precursor -- is the holiest Pagan day, but it is the Pagan winter solstice festival, Yule, that gets the most attention because of its obvious connection to Christmas.

The song referenced in the title is one of my favorite holiday songs, preaching tolerance and the power of love:
"The Christians And The Pagans," Dar Williams (mp3)

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