January 06, 2004
Mary Lou And Baby Blue

Mary Lou Lord's album, Baby Blue, has been given a March 9th release date. Produced by Nick Saloman of the Bevis Frond, it will include three Bevis Frond songs: "The Inhibition Twist" from What Did For Dinosaurs and "Stars Burn Out" and "The Wind Blew All Around Me" from North Circular. Pink Floyd's "Fearless" and Badfinger's "Baby Blue" are also on the record.

Some Mary Lou Lord to hold you over until the release:
Camden Town Rain (mp3) from the Stars Kill Rock compilation
Martian Saints (mp3) from the Martian Saints EP

Posted by david on January 06, 2004

MLL is a gem; Her version of "From Galway to Graceland" (on the Rubric Records compilation CD "01") is heartrending, while "Martian Saints!!!" (from the EP of the same name) is explosive and funny. Click the link that david posted!

Pretty much any disc of hers is bound to please. "Baby Blue" is a great work, full of emotion and her affecting, conspiratorial vocals. If you've never heard her, take a cvhance and pick up one of her albums. You'll be hooked.

Posted by: Claude on February 23, 2004 11:59 PM
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