January 12, 2004
Franz Ferdinand, The Bullish

Franz Ferdinand's self-titled debut album has leaked, check your favorite filesharing service. Here's the tracklisting:

01. Jacqueline
02. Tell Her Tonight
03. Take Me Out
04. Matinee
05. Auf Acshe
06. Cheating On You
07. This Fire
08. Darts Of Pleasure
09. Michael
10. Come On Home
11. 40 Ft

The latest band that will change your life (according to the hyperbole-happy NME) their previous single, Darts Of Pleasure, was a highlight of 2003 for me. If you can't wait for this February release, the band is releasing their Take Me Out single tomorrow on Domino.

Franz Ferdinand mp3's:
Tell Her Tonight (home demo)
Darts Of Pleasure (home demo)

Posted by david on January 12, 2004

Yes, judging from NME and most of the NYC hipsters, Franz will change your life. The EP's decent, and their live show is good (not great). I'm curious to see how the full length plays out.

Posted by: Coolfer on January 12, 2004 12:58 PM

From what I've heard so far of the new album, it's not bad. They won't change my life, but they won't ruin it, either.

Posted by: david on January 12, 2004 03:38 PM
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