January 19, 2004
Shopping List, The Music

Tomorrow is the first significant release date of the year for me, if only for two American releases previously available only as imports. I've gushed about the Japanese release of Matthew Sweet's Kimi Ga Suki, and can finally pick it up without paying import prices. The same can be said for Dizzee Rascal's debut album, finally released in the US on Matador.

Bevel: Down the Puppet String, Marionettes EP (Jagjaguwar)
Crispy Ambulance: The Powder Blind Dream (Darla)
Dizee Rascal: Boy in Da Corner [ENHANCED] (Matador)
Dub Narcotic Sound System: Degenerate Introduction (K Records)
Freescha: Kids Fill The Floor CD [reissue] (Darla)
Matthew Sweet: Kimi Ga Suki
Freescha: Slower Than Church Music CD [reissue] (Darla)
Oneida: Secret Wars (Jagjaguwar)
Ani DiFranco: Educated Guess (Righteous Babe)
Roger McGuinn - Roger McGuinn (Sundazed Music Inc.)

Posted by david on January 19, 2004

Good golly, miss molly, how do you manage to pay for all these new discs?

Posted by: highronimus on January 19, 2004 10:36 PM

That Matthew Sweet disc almost made my Best of 2003 cut -- unfortunately there was something weird about the pressing, and I could only play it in one cd player in the entire house.

Nevertheless, it probably had his strongest songs since "Girlfriend," give or take one or two tracks from each of the intervening albums...

Posted by: the wily filipino on January 20, 2004 12:41 AM

ben: I think it's Sweet's best album in a very long time, I put off buying the import hoping it would be released stateside.

highronimus: I only picked up the Matthew Sweet and Dizzee yesterday, the rest I'll dig up in used bins or get promo copies.

Posted by: david on January 20, 2004 08:45 AM

One of these days, while hiking deep within uncharted forestlands, I'm gonna happen upon a Shaolin temple where a kind, wise, aged monk will let me in on the secret of obtaining "promo copies".

Posted by: highronimus on January 20, 2004 09:06 AM
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