January 26, 2004
Pixies Rumor

Via Tim Thompson and the Austin Chronicle: the Pixies may headline the 2004 Austin City Limits Festival.

This should make me happy, Surfer Rosa, Doolittle, and Come On, Pilgrim are among my favorite records. I lived in Boston when the band was breaking and caught every local show. I have every Breeders release as well as every album and EP by Frank Black/Black Francis/Charles Johnson.

I've never been a fan of reunions, or of bands that have outlived their vitality. The Pixies were a band that changed the way I heard music, and at one time were my favorite band. To see them hash out the old songs after a long layoff would be anticlimactic for me. Perhaps a new studio album will prove me wrong, I certainly hope so.

We already have plans to attend this year's ACL Festival, regardless of the bands. I am hoping, though, for a headliner at the top of their game, like Wilco two years ago.

Posted by david on January 26, 2004

frank blacks actual name is charles thompson, btw. but the pixies were superlative nonetheless.

Posted by: Th' RSL on January 28, 2004 02:20 PM
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