February 21, 2004
From Sweden With Rock

LoFi magazine reviews Bergman Rock's Silence album. For those of you out of the loop, Bergman Rock is Swedish supergroup (super to me, at least) bob hund with English vocals.

Posted by david on February 21, 2004

To avoid having the discussion outlined in the opening paragraphs of the review, the Silence jukebox - http://www.silence.se/jukebox/jukebox_eng.htm - where almost all bob hund's songs are availble (in a streaming format) could come in handy. Several Bergman Rock tracks there too.

Recommended (bob hund) playlist:

1) Hörlurar, from "Düsseldorf"
2) Sommaren rasar, from "Omslag: Martin Kann"
3) Nöden kräver handling, from "Ett fall och en lösning"
4) Fotoalbumet, from "1993 bob hund"
5) Kvicksilver, from "bob hund sover aldrig"
6) Dansa efter min pipa (live), from "100 år framåt och bakåt"
7) Dur och moll omvartannat, from "1994 bob hund"
8) Det skulle vara lätt..., from "1994 bob hund"

Posted by: Håkan Hellgren on February 22, 2004 06:19 AM

Hi out there!
Just a short notice yo tell that Silence finally are about to open up a web shop to help you get your hands on our music and other stuff. Silence is the home of bob hund, Bergman Rock and lots of other cool artists....

Posted by: eva wilke on April 2, 2004 06:12 AM
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