February 22, 2004
Fate Healers

Carl Wilson, music critic for the Toronto Globe and Mail, also publishes his toughts in a weblod, Zoilus. His review of the Mountain Goats' We Shall All Be Healed, entitled "Fate Healers: The Mountain Goats' 12 Steps into the Valley of Death (and 13 Steps Back)" is worth reading for fan and music lover alike:

So what to make of all this? A feral gang of crystal heads in a motor inn does not sound nearly as universal a subject as a couple in a hellish marriage, and it isn't: WSABH won't affect most people as direly and directly as its predecessor did, and it will take longer for listeners to find their place in it, to settle in around the fire (which Darnielle just happens to have built with books from your library and a few sticks of furniture while you were out, didn't think you'd mind) and take in the tale.

Posted by david on February 22, 2004

thanks for the mention, david.

Posted by: carl on March 4, 2004 07:14 PM
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