February 27, 2004
Nobody's Hippie

Kimya Dawson has a livejournal, as well as an online diary. The antifolk artist and ex-Moldy Peaches member is a personal favorite, her solo work is genuine, spontaneous, heartfelt and sometimes silly, sometimes sad.

Not only a talented musician, she is a visual artist as well, with a show currently at the Spitz in London, "These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things," with other noted musician/artists Daniel Johnston, Jad Fair, Devendra Banhart, and Jeffrey Lewis.

The Kimya Dawson online mini-mixtape:

Lucky Number Nine (realvideo), from The Moldy Peaches
"Lucky Charms" (realvideo), from The Moldy Peaches
"Two Princes" (realvideo), from Unreleased Cutz and Live Jamz 1994-2002

"Lucky Number Nine" (mp3), from The Moldy Peaches
"Everything's Alright" (mp3) from I'm Sorry That Sometimes I'm Mean
"Heroes 2002" (live mp3)
"The Beer," (live mp3)

Posted by david on February 27, 2004

Are you sure that the Moldy Peaches broke up? I was very surprised to see you refer to Kimya as being an "ex-Moldy Peaches member". That was news to me. But I've been looking around online to make sure, and I haven't seen any real news stories or declarations from the band saying that they broke up. Just some news story about them not doing anything together for an indefinite period of time so they could work on their solo careers. But not really breaking up. They just don't know when they'll reunite to do more Moldy Peaches stuff.

That story is here. It's the second article on the page.

Posted by: _ on February 27, 2004 04:37 PM

most of the time i agree with you, but she's completely awful. add adam green in there too (actually, he's worse). how they got record deals, i have absolutely no idea.

Posted by: greg on February 27, 2004 05:19 PM
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