April 07, 2004

The Daily Telegraph weighs in on Bob Dylan's recent "selling out."

Buy an amp used by Pete "Bassman" Bain of Spacemen 3.

While Gateway is closing their retail stores, Apple stores are going strong, according to this Business Week article.

"It's usually a bad sign when the clerk ringing up your CD at the music store shakes her head repeatedly and mutters "oh my" under her breath," the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel tries to explain the William Hung phenomenon.

Brush up on your French and download some great mp3's at indiepoprock.net.

Posted by david on April 07, 2004

I had to laugh at the Bob Dylan & Victoria's Secret ad. I don't see the logic -- an ugly guy with beautiful women? Oh well, anything to make a buck.

Posted by: Terry on April 7, 2004 01:42 PM
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