April 21, 2004

Someone needs to introduce Creative Loafing to what is quickly becoming one of the top music festivals in the South, and probably the best International music festival in the country.
Festival International de Louisiana is held the last weekend of April every year (1st weekend of Jazz Fest) in Lafayette, LA. The festival incorporates Francophone sounds from all over the world (Africa, Europe, Canada) as well as the best Louisiana musicians (Blues, Cajun, Zydeco).
Oh, and did I mention the festival is free?

Posted by: Troy on April 21, 2004 09:16 AM

"Ride the Ducks" sounds like DuckTours in Boston. I took the one in Boston -- worth every penny. Not only did we drive around town, but the car drove right into the lake!

Posted by: Terry on April 21, 2004 11:05 AM

It's funny to see you mention Liz Spikol, as she's probably my favorite disfunctional Philly columnist from all of the local papers. I'd suggest reading some more of her if you have time; she has a wonderful snark to her witty writing. I think she does occasional music reviews too.

A neat local link that i had missed in my busy week. Thank you.

Posted by: Peter on April 22, 2004 12:24 PM
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