April 22, 2004

"Are you a local band in the Atlanta area that is willing to get a makeover on national television? Spike TV is looking for an alternative or hip hop group that is willing to participate in a reality show that will air this summer." Email Shawn at otrcasting@yahoo.com for full details. (via Flagpole's Threats and Promises)

Ben Gibbard, Ryan Adams and Lucinda Williams (among others) play DJ for All Songs Considered.

"Itís more unusual and uncomfortable for people to leave knowing that the arrow of blame isnít pointing one way. Itís spinning around and there are a lot of reasons things like this happen," director Matthew Ryan Hoge on the ending of his film, The United States of Leland.

The Saratogian covers the restoration of the Yaddo artist colony.

"To say I'm without fear--
It wouldn't be true.
I'm afraid of sickness, humiliation.
Like anyone, I have my dreams.
But I've learned to hide them,
To protect myself
From fulfillment: all happiness
Attracts the Fates' anger.
They are sisters, savages--
In the end they have
No emotion but envy."

Happy Birthday, Louise GlŁck (poem quoted, "Confession").

copy, right? is an mp3 blog done right: rare and interesting tracks presented with insightful commentary, (via ToT)

"In fact, with so much attention and critical acclaim recently, it was extremely satisfying to lance some boils of anticipation with FF finally giving their Midland fans a full set-list to chew on," the Birmingham Post glowingly reviews a Franz Ferdinand show.

The Thursday Three: a southern (US) meme from possumblog

Posted by david on April 22, 2004

Regarding the US of Leland, it may be more unusual and uncomfortable to have the blame be pointing everywhere, but it doesn't necessarily make for a good movie. The key to being able to pull off something like that is efficient editing of the story, and this movie was all over the place. Nice use of Pixies in the soundtrack though.

Posted by: Jeff on April 22, 2004 09:29 AM

so what was yr thursday three?

Posted by: RSL on April 22, 2004 04:24 PM
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