April 25, 2004

My wife and I, thanks to some super-cool friends, got to see GBV last night at Bowery Ballroom. Altho longtime fans, we'd never seen them live. It was riviting. The band all had a healthy, happy buzz on but they weren't smashed. They were exuberent and totally rocking. During Bob's break-up speech a girl kept yelling "I love your pants!", I turned to her and said "I think hes talking about breaking up the band!" "Oh". She said, nonplussed, and yelled "Don't break up the band, I love your pants!". It was a great (three hour!) show.
Ties with Public Enemy (1993) as best show ever in my book. Bob was spot on the whole time twirling bud lights and swinging his mic like a pro. During the encore the rythim guitarist gave his guitar to the lucky tall geek in front of me! Despite my pangs of jelousy it was a lovely moment. And a lovely night. If that was it for GBV, it was a glorious coda.
I can't imaging Pollard not making anymore music,
maybe it will just come from his bedroom instead of the Ballroom.
Man, I'm damn glad we saw that show.

Posted by: kelly on April 25, 2004 07:52 PM
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