April 28, 2004
Better Late Than Never

Two 2003 releases have been getting a lot of play at the largehearted house lately. After hearing some good things about Sea Ray, I finally listened to a couple of tracks and on their strength, picked up Stars at Noon. Their music is dreamy, infectious and well-suited for my cool spring morning drive to work, I cannot believe I missed this album last year. Sea Ray will be touring with The Stills and Metric in May and June, catch them if you can.

Last year a friend and I were discussing Of Montreal, and since I am a huge fan of the band, he recommended The Pillbugs. Two weeks ago I found a new copy of their album, The 3-Dimensional In-Popcycle Dream (complete with Viewmaster and reel) for five dollars. Needless to say, I snapped it up, sucker as I am for any record with a bonus dvd, poster or even, alas, a sticker. The lush arrangements and analog feel of the record hearken back to the sixties, but the sound is fresh and the musicianship sharp. I found myself singing along to most of the choruses the first time through, I'll be looking forward to more of The Pillbugs.

Posted by david on April 28, 2004

welcome to the sea ray camp! i really enjoy these guys. thinking about seeing them with the stills here in nyc, they put on a good live show. anyone who wants to preview the album, it's streaming on their website.

Posted by: the real janelle on April 28, 2004 04:02 PM

right on!

Sea Ray are fucking brilliant. you need to see em live, because they're way way better than the album (which still rules).

Stars was like my #3 or #4 album last year i think

Posted by: kyle on April 29, 2004 07:46 PM
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