May 09, 2004
Daily Downloads (choose mp3, ogg or shn edition)

Bardo Pond: 2003-11-22, Philadelphia [mp3,ogg,shn]
Cowboy Junkies: 2001-11-30, Austin [mp3,ogg,shn]
Hayseed Dixie: 2004-04-29, Columbus [mp3,ogg,shn]
Hayseed Dixie: 2004-04-23, Kansas City [mp3,ogg,shn]
Jon Langford: 2000-01-01, Chicago [mp3,ogg,shn]
Mekons: 2004-03-12, New York City [mp3,ogg,shn]
Mike Watt: 1999-07-04, Irvine [mp3,ogg,shn]
Pinback: 2004-04-28, San Diego [mp3,ogg,shn]
Pinback: 2004-04-12, Washington [mp3,ogg,shn]
Pinback: 2003-03-22, Washington [mp3,ogg,shn]

(many thanks to the Live Music Archive for making these shows available)

Posted by david on May 09, 2004

ohhhh ... thanks for the bardo pond hook-up! I love that band.

Posted by: jason on May 9, 2004 10:48 AM

Jason, there are many other Bardo Pond shows available at the site. They are one of the few bands that I think everyone should experience live, in person.

Posted by: david on May 9, 2004 11:06 AM
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